I just read the papers sent out for the AM Working Group and was reminded of this wordpress site and that I joined it last year which I’d forgotten!

Anyway I still think it is a good idea and I will try and find some time to blog about some issues which I would like to share with Friends.

The things I am concerned about at the moment include:

The situation in Ukraine (which I hope to raise at NFPB when it come to Newcastle on the 29th November.

The debate about economic justice in the context of Piketty’s book Capital in the 21st Century and more recently Danny Dorling on the 1% most wealthy. The common theme being growing concentration of wealth and the related slow down in growth and increase in inequality.

Theism / non theism

Allendale Meeting House / Cottage and how AM would like to use them as an AM resource.

Just for a start!

Many Friendly greetings.