Using the blog : IAllendale

I just read the papers sent out for the AM Working Group and was reminded of this wordpress site and that I joined it last year which I’d forgotten!

Anyway I still think it is a good idea and I will try and find some time to blog about some issues which I would like to share with Friends.

The things I am concerned about at the moment include:

The situation in Ukraine (which I hope to raise at NFPB when it come to Newcastle on the 29th November.

The debate about economic justice in the context of Piketty’s book Capital in the 21st Century and more recently Danny Dorling on the 1% most wealthy. The common theme being growing concentration of wealth and the related slow down in growth and increase in inequality.

Theism / non theism

Allendale Meeting House / Cottage and how AM would like to use them as an AM resource.

Just for a start!

Many Friendly greetings.

Ramallah/ Shindig 2014 – big thanks

Thanks to Ros Normandale’s sterling fundraising we have enough funds to host once more two students from the Friends School in Ramallah at this year’s Shindig.

The student counsellor there is really up-beat about this project and I know it does make for some friendships and connections between our young people.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed and a big thank you again to Ros.

The Green thing as a force for good .

Today I was speaking with a colleague about getting people to engage with sustainability ,this was partly prompted by the Hexham debate on Saturday .

He said that sustainability is a force for bringing back equality- to bring jobs, to bring communities together, people work together and have enriched lives.

The knock on effect is the environmental benefit.

Food is a good example E.g. Newcastle has recently become a sustainable food city. The economy isn’t the only bottom line, there are triple bottom lines:


2 Social

3 Environmental

(I looked it up on Wikipedia:In traditional business accounting, the “bottom line” refers to the sum of revenue minus expenses …Over the last 50 years, environmentalists and social justice advocates have struggled to bring a broader definition of “bottom line” into public consciousness, ….. For example, if a corporation shows a monetary profit, but their asbestos mine causes thousands of deaths from asbestosis, and their copper mine pollutes a river, and the government ends up spending taxpayer money on health care and river clean-up, how do we perform a full societal cost benefit analysis?The concept of a triple bottom line adds two more “bottom lines”; social and environmental concerns. …An example of an organization seeking a triple bottom line would be a social enterprise run as a non-profit, but earning income by offering opportunities for handicapped people who have been labelled “unemployable”, to earn a living recycling. The organization earns a profit, which is controlled by a volunteer Board, and ploughed back into the community. The social benefit is the meaningful employment of disadvantaged citizens, and the reduction in the society’s welfare or disability costs. The environmental benefit comes from the recycling accomplished).

We also spoke about how many people are de skilled and lack confidence in their power to create local projects however small.